Safety in the Transportation of Oil and Gas: Pipelines or Rail?

Pipelines are found to be the much safer transportation method. Specifically, rail is found to be over 4.5 times more likely to experience an occurrence when compared to pipelines.

Ontario’s job killer: Business sounds alarm over soaring electricity prices-

“The Environment Canada emissions inventory for Ontario shows that in 2008, one year before the introduction of the Green Energy Act, coal-fired power plants emitted 4,070 tonnes of particulates, one-tenth of one per cent of the 3.8 million tonnes emitted in the province that year.”  more…

Thunder Bay, Ontario Weathercam
Thunder Bay weather cam
Thunder Bay Weather Cam Image is updated every 3 minutes
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Track Near Real Time Aircraft Flights near Thunder Bay
Data is real time from the ADS-B communication system aboard the aircraft
More information on ADS-B can be found on Wikipedia or Google Search
 Click on aircraft for flight details – Light yellow aircraft are using ADS-B, others tracked by Radar
 Click and hold on map to move map
If the aircraft radar box shows ‘F-CYQT1’ then tracking is from my local ADS-B receive system

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